The authorities of the Arbitration Chamber include:

  • representation and protection of interests of the arbitrators and permanent arbitrages in the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign and international organizations;
  • monitoring of the condition of the arbitration activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan and storage of case in the permanent arbitrages;
  • training and qualification development for arbitrators;
  • keeping register of arbitrators of permanent arbitrages, and also arbitrators who are members of the Arbitration Chamber;
  • approval of rules for case storage in the permanent arbitrages;
  • appointment of the arbitrators (arbitrator) drawn from the people in the registers of the Arbitration Chamber and permanent arbitrages in cases stipulated by Clause 6 Article 14 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Arbitration”;
  • making decision on the termination of authorities of the arbitrator appointed for the resolution of a specific dispute;
  • Other authorities stipulated by the Charter documents of the Arbitration Chamber, relevant laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ACK keeps a Register of the Arbitration Chamber – data base of the arbitrators of the permanent arbitrages, and also arbitrators who are the members of the Arbitration Chamber.